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Do you want to get rid of the bloatware? Or just want to gain the full admin access to your Android operating system? We have got an astonishing tool to get your wish done in an effective yet straightforward way. KingRoot Apk is one of the most popular tools that lets you root your Android device in just one click. It is also known as one click root app that get your job done with no hassle. However, there are many such apps available on the internet that proclaims the same but often found slamming the door or leaving the user halfway down along with a truckload of critical issues.

Therefore it is always recommended to rely only on the best in the business if you effectively want to get your task done without any irritating inconvenience. And there is no uncertainty stating that KingRoot is one of the best yet reliable app to root your Android phone. KingRoot Apk is around for a quite some time now and ever since helping Android users to gain full access to their device operating system.

Before taking the KingRoot into action, you must be aware that it will not let you root every Android device. If you are a Moto G user, you may found KingRoot Apk not working on your device. Expect this, it most likely to get you the intended results for all other Android devices. You will not stumble across any trouble if your device has an operating system between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1.

Furthermore, bear in mind, that rooting undoubtedly gives you the privileges to modify the software code to get more tweaks done, but at the same time, you are endeavoring to turn your smartphone into a brick, as your device might get straight out of warranty. So prior to jumping into it, you should be conscious of the risks involved. However, our aim is not to get you skeptical thoughts but instead is transparent to the outcome. But if you are one who doesn’t care much about the aforementioned result and really loves to manipulate some system settings that otherwise, the manufacturer wouldn’t typically allow you to carry out, you are all set.

Although, not to mention that rooting has the more positive impact on the overall functions and features of your phone. Since this article is all about the rooting sovereign KingRoot, we’d also be covering the benefits you’ll be getting after rooting your Android device with KingRoot. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it:

Kingroot Apk – Why Root your Android device?


In a countless way, you can reap the benefits of rooting your Android device. Though, it depends explicitly on the individual’s intended purpose to get their device rooted. We have listed some of the notable gains you’ll be getting on your device after a full root.

  • Speed up your device: Is your phone not working at its optimum speed? While heavy usage did you ever feel like lagging of your device? With the time the smartphones started losing their potential at a very high rate. But by rooting your device, you can boost up its speed as it enables you to perform some specific customization. The very first step, to begin with, you should initially have to address the cause that is responsible for the slow down of your smartphone. Once you successfully caught the issue which is primarily causing or lagging your device, you further can quickly fix it by executing the appropriate actions. The rooted device aid you in addressing the problems and set it with easily carried out workarounds. Thus, rooting helps to improve and enhance the performance of the devices
  • Save more battery: If your smartphone is not running up to your expectations and dying in the middle of the day, you have to fix the cause anyway, else it would not stop playing with your emotions. We all are concerned about saving the battery life, and we don’t want to let it drained just because some useless apps are always tends to squeeze it in the background. Despite knowing the cause, we often find ourselves helpless. But if you have a rooted device, you can customize some internal system settings to help you. Moreover, there are many battery saver apps that you can take into work for saving more battery life.
  • Blocks irritating ads: Don’t you ever got freaked out witnessing the annoying ads every now and then? The continually popping up of ads is too irritating for one and that also without any doubt. But the bitter truth is, they are inevitable, as it is the source for providers for making money out of ads. However, with a rooted device, you can get rid of this bothering yet unbearable pain by allowing the ads blocking software to take out their shield saving you with the ads bombardment.
  • Remove bloatware: Even if your brand new phone is started getting lagged and get hanged often, it might be due to the excess of the pre-installed applications that comes along. Many are of no use, but still, you cannot simply uninstall it, because of the lack of admin privileges. But if you simply let those apps happening on your device, it will cost you in battery drain, the device slows down and occupying extra memory space. This is why you should always remove such apps which aren’t in use and just consuming your battery for no reason. Thus, rooting is the only viable solution by which you can eliminate bloatware and help to boost your device performance in every realm they got affected by.
  • Full customization access: Here full customization refers to the personalization of your UI and UX by gaining root access to it. Not every one of us is so happy with the default interface we got on our device. Every individual has a different preference on how things ought to be. If you want your device interface to be of your choice, we have got you covered by the way.  You could not make tweaks and customizations unless you got your device wholly rooted.
  • Convenient backups: Always having a backup of our data is something quite mandatory which we can’t deny or overlook. For an instant, if unfortunately someday, your device got crashed occasionally, and you have the complete backup, you still get no issues with it, as you can easily retrieve your data using the backup you got saved. This is where the rooted devices come into rescue. There are many apps available for getting your task done and that too effortlessly, but the only condition is such apps worked quite well on rooted devices only.

How to Root Android Phone/Tablet Devices?

Enough benefits! Now let’s get into the rooting guide of KingRoot.

With the help of KingRoot that is the one-click rooting tool, you’ll find the whole process straightforward to carry out with no plagues. Here we are going to list two methods by using you can get your Android device rooted. However the very first one is the slickest of both, and you don’t need to go for the second one if first worked for you, and that definitely would.

If in case, the first method failed to root your smartphone, you still got an alternative working option up to your sleeves.

NOTE: If your device is running on Android Nougat or later version, you should refrain from doing this. Because as of yet KingRoot cannot bypass the security or root your mentioned Android version.

Kingroot app

Root Android Without PC – One Click APK

For going through this workaround, all you need is your Android device you want to get rooted, and you are all set to start with.

  • Primarily, you will be needed the KingRoot apk installed on your Android device. You can get it by heading over to the official website.
  • While initiating for download, it may prompt you a warning message, and you can tap OK anyway.

Root Android

  • Once the apk file gets downloaded, now you have to install it by enabling some security settings.
  • And you have to toggle on, “Allow from this source.”

Allow Source

  • Next, it may ask for the app permissions for installing the app, do the necessary.
  • Once, the KingRoot App gets downloaded successfully; you can now launch it right away.
  • While gearing up, the app would get you a screen with “Try it” option to heading over to the main rooting interface.
  • And lastly a blue screen will appear to you, and you have to tap the “Get now” button at the middle to start with the rooting process.
  • Meanwhile, your device will reboot several times so, don’t get panicked and just let it be.
  • Once the rooting process gets completed, you will witness the appropriate message there on the app.

Although, you can get ensured that your device is successfully rooted by checking on RootChecker app.

Root Android With Windows PC

If unluckily, your device failed to cooperate rooting with KingRoot Android apk. You can give this method a try:

NOTE: KingRoot App for PC has both interface and instructions in the Chinese language. But we have got you simplified with the easy explanations and screenshots attached.

  • The very thing you need to do is download KingRoot PC from the official website.
  • Initially, on launching the apk file, you will get a prompt asking that if you want to allow the app from an unknown publisher, just tap Yes.

Root Your Android

  • Next, you have to follow the installation instruction shown in the below screenshots. You don’t necessarily need to brainstorm for understanding the language, just copy likewise we are showing.

Install Kingroot App

  • In next page, tick the given box and tap on the middle option.

Kingroot Apk

  • Keep continuing tapping the middle option until you get this page, shown below.

Kingroot App Install

  • Next, tick the box and tap the only option left there.


  • And now connect your Android device with your PC using a USB cable and click on the ‘Blue bar’ option shown below.

Rooting your android with kingroot

  • And from here the whole process is self-explanatory for rooting your device.
  • Your device will start rooting when you see the counting get started on your PC. And it would take quite some time to complete root your Android device.

It ends up showing you a giant stick with a message that your device is successfully rooted. Furthermore, now you can install Root checker on your Android device for checking up the current status. You can use the below link to directly download KingRoot Apk For your Android device.

Download For Android

Download KingRoot For Windows:

Download KingRoot For PC is a program that will let you root your Android device just by connecting it to your computer via USB. Check below Download Link.

Download For Windows

Download KingRoot For iOS:

Go to the Below iOS Website and download the Kingroot app by a simple click.

Download For iOS


We hope by the time reaching here you have effectively got your Android device entirely rooted. And now you are free to play with your device doing tweaks and customizations. Though, you can feel free to reach us by commenting below, if you got any issue rooting your Android device using KingRoot App – The one-click powerful rooting tool.

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