The List Of Best KingRoot Alternatives

KingRoot is the widely used rooting application that can be used to gain root access of your Android device. This rooting application comes with many great features that make rooting easier and faster. The prime highlight of this app is its One-Click Rooting feature that allows you to root your Android device with one click. This rooting application also offers some great features like admin level permission, improved battery life, easy to use application and removing bloatware. You can gain root access of your device and avail extra feature with KingRoot APK. Even the paid version of applications can be downloaded after rooting your device with this rooting application. But not all Android devices are compatible with KingRoot Apk and the access is denied when they try downloading KingRoot APK. So, in such case, they can make use of KingRoot Alternatives.

KingRoot Alternatives – Best Similar Apps Like Kingroot:

Apps Like Kingroot

1. iRoot APK

iRoot APK is one of the best KingRoot Alternatives that Android users can download and use. Just like KingRoot, it also supports one-click rooting and it can root any Android device for free. This is the powerful rooting tool which highest success rate and it gives you access to all restricted features on your Android device. This is the most trusted rooting tool for Android and it works efficiently on all lower versions of Android devices like jellybean, lollipop, froyo, ice cream, gingerbread and more. It supports over 150000 phones that run on Android OS and it boosts the overall performance of Android device. Since it is the third party application, it is not available on Play Store.

iRoot Apk

2. Root Master APK

Root Master is another popular KingRoot Alternative which allows you to root your device efficiently. This root tool comes with some extra features and enables you to gain root access of your device. It boosts the overall performance of your device after rooting and helps you to uninstall the default applications which simply occupy the memory storage. It also supports one one-clicking that help you to root your device with just one single click. The best part of this rooting tool is that it is legally available on Google Play Store and hence you can easily download the application from the App store for easy rooting.

Root Master Apk

3. Kingo Root

Kingo Root is one of the popularly used KingRoot Alternatives as it supports one-click rooting of your Android device. This application allows you to root your Android device successfully in a matter of seconds. This rooting application supports almost all the Android versions including the lower versions of Android OS. The application comes with the easy and simple interface and navigation of the features is also very easy and simple. It hardly takes 20-30 seconds to root your Android device and give you root access of your device. It also removes the unnecessary default applications from your device and downloading the paid apps for free. It unlocks some of the features and tweaks which were hidden in non-rooted phones. It can root and un-root your Android device with ease.


4. Z4Root App

Z4Root App is the popular Android rooting application that is easy to download as it is legally available on Google Play Store. This rooting tool is just similar to that of KingRoot App as it supports one click rooting of Android devices. This is very compact in size and it won’t consume much space in your device. This rooting application is very highly rated as compared to other rooting application and it focuses more on the security grounds of your device. So, if you want to root your Android device securely without hampering the performance, then download the application for free from your Google Play Store. It allows you to root the device and unlock some of the great features.

Z4Root App

5. Universal Androot

Universal Androot is again one of the popular one-click KingRoot Alternatives that you can download on your Android device. It allows you to unlock the hidden features in your Android device and gain root access of your device. This application is not legally available on Google Play Store and hence you need to download the application from third party website. The only downfall of this rooting tool is that it doesn’t support all the versions of Android, especially the lower version of the operating system. It can only root selected versions of Android and the success rate is quite higher.

Universal Androot

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