Download KingRoot V5.0.4 Apk

Rooting is an operation which gives access to the Android system of your device. It provides the privilege of gaining access to the root of the Android apps. It allows actions such as permission to remove apps which otherwise cannot be removed from the system. KingRoot v5.0.4 is one such app which performs rooting of your android devices developed by KingRoot Mobile Tech. The APK or Android Application Package which is a file format for android apps.

How To Root your Device With KingRoot: 

Download KingRoot V5.0.4

A switch user or su file is created when a device is rooted and then the normal user becomes a superuser and gains access to device’s system files. It lets us remove, edit or add anything that was not reachable before.

Advantages of KingRoot v5.0.4:

KingRoot v5.0.4 works on almost all android devices like Android 3 and higher. It is available online for free and can be downloaded easily and works without an internet connection. Reasons that make it the most popular apps for rooting android devices are the benefits it provides such as:

  • Provides better backups
  • Reduces bloatware from the device
  • Performance booster
  • Saves battery
  • Blocks ad
  • Free to download and installation
  • Easy accessibility

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How To Download and Use KingRoot V5.0.4:

One of the most used apps for rooting the device is KingRoot v5.0.4. The app is highly popular and has been downloaded 500 million times already and was initially released in 2013. By far most preferred app for rooting android devices. Compatible with mobiles, tablets and Windows PC. The desktop version is available as well but has the limitation of language as it is available in Chinese language only while the English version is still in progress.  You can use the below link to directly download KingRoot Apk For your device.

Download V5.0.4

After finishing the kingroot apk download on your device then next go to the settings menu in your phone and find ‘install from unknown sources’ and click Enable. At finally open the apk and the home page will appear where you can choose ‘begin root’.

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