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Android has gained huge popularity over the years. Why should it not? User friendly interface, easy access, bright and cool features, new updates every now and then. It just keeps getting better. Some people do prefer other operating systems, but, for most of them, the answer is Android. It is not surprising, is it? The fact that Android might also have something that could be possibly harmful to your phone is nothing new, right?

How about the vulnerability of your phone? How do you get rid of that? It must be very difficult to protect your phone. Well, this is why the KingRoot application has been created. KingRoot v5.3.0 can take away all those crooked lines off your forehead when you see the vulnerability of your phone. What is KingRoot? How to use it? Well, the answer lies below.

What is All About Kingroot v5.3.0?


This is a very common question. Many people might have even heard of the ‘rooting’ process. Howe, that is out of context here. Do you want to know what KingRoot is, right? Here is your answer. KingRoot v5.3.0 is an application that detects the vulnerability of your phone or tablet and automatically roots it if required. All depends on that one click you decide to go ahead and press. That is amazing! No trouble, no time waste, only good results. Who doesn’t want that? Well, in case you are wondering how to install it, here is your answer.

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How to Download Kingroot v5.3.0?

To be honest, this is a very easy task. First of all, you need to download and install it on your phone from an unknown source. After that, you need to open the file with your file manager, which has been set on default. In case your installation process is ‘blocked’, you have to go to settings and then click on security. In that, switch on or enable the ‘unknown sources’ box. After this, open KingRoot application.

Download V5.3.0

You will see ‘start root’ written on the window, click on it and wait. It will definitely take some time. Once the process gets done, you will see the sign ‘rooted’ on your device. This means now you are free to enjoy all the amazing benefits of rooting your device. Congratulate yourself as you are going to embark on a new android journey.

Features of Kingroot v5.3.0:

There are multiple features of this application. However, only a few have been elucidated below.

  • First of all, you can use KingRoot on any phone or tablet that has an android version of 4.2.2, 5.1 and all in between these two.
  • It is one of the most trusted and popular applications.
  • It supports almost around 104136 different models. That makes a huge number!
  • It has got a success rate of 98.2%. Not just that, it also updates itself every now than with new and improved features.
  • It is a one click tool. One of the most used applications all over the globe.

Aren’t these amazing features? Try and use it if you want to.


You have to be very careful while rooting your device. Do this only after you are completely sure about your decision. However, it is totally on you.

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