Root Your Device Using KingRoot V5.3.6

More than 60% of the overall populations using smartphones have an Android operating system. Are you an Android user yourself? Then, nowadays you must have heard about the term ‘android root’ a lot. But what exactly is Android root? Rooting is the process in which the user gets the full access to the Android operating system and is able to alter each and every setting that might exist on the device. It seems really interesting and brilliant, isn’t it?

Well, surely it is and with the help of KingRoot v5.3.6, you will be able to do it very easily. KingRoot has been used by millions of users every year to root different android devices. So you must be wondering how to use KingRoot is it? To help you out we have jotted all the steps to efficiently root your device using KingRoot 5.3.6.

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How To Use KingRoot?

So now you what are the important precautions that you must be taking before rooting your device. Hence, once you have decided to root your device here are the steps to follow for successfully rooting your device.

  • Download the KingRoot app from the official site and install it on your Android device. Since your phone is unrooted, when you open the app it will show that “Root Access Unavailable”.
  • Now click on the button marked as “Start Root” and the estimated time to complete the process will be shown. The time required depends on the device you are using.
  • When the full process is completed, you will be shown a big green tick mark and a pop up will appear saying “Root Successful”.
  • Restart your phone once after the completion of the root process and enjoy your rooted device.

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So here are the important steps which you must follow to successfully enjoy the benefits of KingRoot 5.3.6. As you can see that the steps are very easy to perform and most of the task is done by the application itself.

Necessary Precautions To Take

Before you start using KingRoot there are some important things which you must keep in mind. The first the most important thing is that once you have rooted your device it will void the manufacturer warranty.

Secondly, you must have at least 50% of battery or even more to be on the safe side. These are the two important precautions you must be aware of. The presence of ample battery is important because if your device turns off during the process, then there might be chances that it will brick itself.

Final Verdict!

Many people often ask that why they should root the device, and to them rooting is a risky process. But using KingRoot 5.3.6 is not very difficult and there are very fewer chances of your device. Once you have rooted your device different kinds of new features will be easily accessible to you. Now you will have full control over your own Android device.

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