Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

1. What Do You Mean By “Root Your Device”?

A: Root, in the technical term, means privileged or special access which you receive to your Android O.S. Our system is bound by security codes and access which only selected people can use. This does not give you full control over the system, and it’s different components. Therefore, when you root the system you are basically unlocking all these different sectors of the system which you could not access before. You can now alter and customize all the files which you want to. So “root your device” basically means to enable such access by adopting the rooting method.

2. Will Kingoroot Effectively Root Every Device It Is Used In?

A: This is a very common question which is asked by the users. The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. KingRoot is one of the most popular root applications which makes it possible for users to root their mobile devices. The hardware, software and firmware versions of tourists Android device needs to be considered before you can make sure whether your device will be rooted or not. Latest Android O.S. and firmware have much fewer chances of getting rooted. You can check the list of devices which KingoRoot have declared as “Root-able” devices.

3. Does Kingoroot Voids The Mobile Warranty?

A: Yes. When you use KingoRoot, and your device gets rooted, your mobile phone warranty provided by the manufacturer gets void. This is because you have greatly tampered with your device. Even though rooting via KingoRoot is safe and does not work damage the hardware, but the software can get bricked at times for which you will need to visit the manufacturer. Therefore be sure when you are using KingoRoot.

4. Can I Lose Data While Rooting The Device?

A: Data loss while using KingoRoot Apk for rooting your device is theoretically not possible. KingoRoot is a very safe and secured process of rooting your device, and their process is minimally evasive, so your data stays protected. But to be in the safe side, it is always recommended that you backup all your important data and files somewhere safe.

5. Will My Device Get Bricked While Rooting?

A: You device when it comes to a halt or gets glitched while rooting is termed as “Bricked.” It is the phase-out of which the device software cannot come out and function normally. This happens when the rooting process gets corrupted or interfered with. So your device has fewer chances of getting bricked if you follow all the important steps carefully and make sure that KingoRoot App is working fine.

6. What To Do In Case My Device Gets Bricked?

A: Well, we mentioned this in the above section that when your device gets bricked, you will have to visit your manufacturer to bring it back to normal function once again. Or you can also see some guidelines which will help you to come out of the bricked phase.

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